What Is Mouse Acceleration and How to Disable It in Windows 11

Mouse acceleration is a crucial feature in modern computers, but it’s a difficult concept to understand for the overwhelming majority of users. While most of the people don’t care about it a method or another, gamers are cognizant of the nuisance it can cause while gaming. So today, we’ll tell you what exactly is mouse acceleration and the way to disable it on your Windows 11 computer.

Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11 (2021)

We will tell you all about mouse acceleration, including what it’s , how it works, and where it might be helpful. we’ll also explain why disabling mouse acceleration may be a good idea in many cases and show the way to disable the feature on your Windows 11 PC. So let’s jump in and inspect how mouse acceleration works and the way you’ll easily disable it or turn it off in Windows 11.
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What is Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11?

Mouse acceleration is out there altogether recent versions of Windows, including Windows 11. When the feature is active, how far the mouse pointer travels depends on two factors – the space the mouse is moved and the way fast you’re moving the mouse. during this case, the space your mouse pointer moves increases proportionally to how briskly you progress the mouse. The faster you progress the mouse, the further the on-screen pointer travels.

That behavior changes once you disable mouse acceleration. With the feature disabled, the on-screen mouse pointer travels an equivalent distance regardless of the speed at which you progress the mouse. It now only depends on how far you’re moving the mouse without taking under consideration the speed at which you’re moving the mouse.

As mentioned already, mouse acceleration is out there altogether recent versions of Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, you’ll disable it by going into mouse Settings on your Windows computer. the choice to disable mouse acceleration is additionally present in macOS. And like in Windows, you’ll turn it off on your Mac computer also . you’ll turn it off via system settings or the Terminal.

Benefits of Mouse Acceleration

While most gamers, especially those playing first-person shooters like CS:GO and Valorant, hate mouse acceleration, it are often helpful in some cases. for instance , you’ll control large ultra-high-resolution displays more intuitively with mouse acceleration. The feature ensures you are doing not need to move the mouse back and forth multiple times over large distances to urge the on-screen pointer to travel from one fringe of the screen to a different . All you would like to try to to is move the mouse faster over shorter distances.

Drawbacks of Mouse Acceleration

While mouse acceleration helps you reach your target on the screen faster, you’re also more likely to overshoot your target. it’s only mildly annoying in daily use but an absolute death-knell in FPS games where accuracy is critical. That’s because a high degree of precision and consistent control are of paramount importance for gamers, especially in game titles like Fortnite and Counter Strike.

So if you would like to show off mouse acceleration in Windows 11, follow the guide below. we’ll teach you ways to try to to so during a few clicks.

Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11 [Two Methods]

Method 1: close up Mouse Acceleration via Windows Settings

The easiest thanks to disable mouse acceleration in Windows 11 is thru the Setting app, so follow the steps below:

Open the Settings app and move to ‘Bluetooth & devices’ from the left sidebar.

Now, scroll down and choose ‘Mouse’ to vary the specified settings.

Under the Mouse settings in Windows 11, click on ‘Additional mouse settings‘.

From the pop-up window that opens, navigate to the ‘Pointer Options’ tab at the highest . Now, you would like to uncheck the ‘Enhance pointer precision‘ choice to disable mouse acceleration.

Method 2: close up Mouse Acceleration for Specific Mouse via instrument panel

Open instrument panel on your Windows 11 computer. to try to to that, look for ‘control’ (without quotes) within the Windows search bar and choose ‘Control Panel‘ from the results.

within the instrument panel , confirm you’re using the (small or large) ‘Icons’ view. Then, select ‘Devices and Printers‘.

Note: Those using the ‘category’ view within the instrument panel will got to choose ‘View Devices and Printers‘ under the Hardware and Sound category.

Now, right-click on your mouse and choose ‘Mouse Settings‘.

within the Mouse Properties pop-up window, attend the ‘Pointer Options‘ tab and uncheck ‘Enhance pointer precision‘. Finally, hit ‘Apply‘ to save lots of the change.

That’s it! you’ve got successfully disabled mouse acceleration on your Windows 11 PC.

Easily Disable Mouse Acceleration on Your Windows 11 Computer

As you’ll see, it’s easy to show off mouse acceleration in Windows 11. In fact, you’ll use an equivalent method to disable the feature on Windows 10 also . Either way, now that you simply skills to disable mouse acceleration on your PC, allow us to know which game you play and why you felt the necessity to show it off. Also, while you’re at it, inspect other Windows 11 tutorials, including the way to change the facility mode settings in Windows 11 and enable remote desktop in Windows 11.

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